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Applications of Synthesized Patterns in Multi Database Mining (MDM)


  • Arignar Anna Government Arts College, Namakkal-637002, India
  • Valluvar College of Science & Management, Karur-639006, India


The notion of Multi Database Mining has been recognised as an important area in data mining community for determining various novel patterns among item sets that co-occur frequently. This paper shows the kinds of High level patterns, Exceptional Patterns and Suggested patterns and their applications. For giving a comfortable and easy usage, we constructed the multi database mining designed by fusing local patterns and universal techniques. After designing with new fusion, it helps much and provides the company many advantages. In order to improve the performance of various patterns, many multi database mining techniques used which leads to take a fruitful decision in the interstate companies.


Association Rule, Patterns, Local Patters, Synthesized Patterns.

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