Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2013

Table of Contents


Ascertaining Cognition Abilities of 1st Generation Cognition Robot using Bayesian Models  | 
Ravi Kant 44-50
Total views: 794
Efficient ROI Segmentation of Digital Mammogram Images using Otsu's N Thresholding Method  | 
S. Deepa, V. Subbiah Bharathi 51-56
Total views: 1387
Electromotive Force can be Induced by Static Magnets in a Stationary Wire  | 
J. Jennifer 57-61
Total views: 794
Expert System for Agriculture Extension  | 
Sujai Das, Laxmikanta Nayak 62-64
Total views: 966
Investigating Anns and Applications  | 
Ahmad Waqas, Abdul Rehman Gilal, Zeeshan Bhatti, Abdul Waheed Mahessar 65-69
Total views: 795